68 meter long, 1190 dwt cargo vessel

68 meter long, 1190 dwt cargo vessel

The 68 meter long, 1190 dwt cargo vessel Mia B ran aground in the Roskilde fjord near Sjælland, Denmark.

The Mia B had departed from Frederiksvaerk bound for Norway with a cargo of steel plates when it went aground after a technical error. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released. The Mia B was later re-floated by STS MARINE CONSULT, a local dredger the Elisabeth Høj and stevedores from Port of Frederiksvaerk. After re-floating she returned to Frederiksvaerk for inspection.

Towing of tunnel element for Citybanan Stockholm via Södertälje lock September 2009 until June 2012. For more information see Youtube clip from the complete work: https://youtu.be/S6_e3YG156s

The steel shell, which was transported through the lock is 108 metres long, 20 metres width and 10 meters height. This should make the steel shell impossible to tow through the channel because it is 40 inches too wide. But a solution was founded.

- It was placed on a barge which was equipped with a 3.5 meter tall steel construction. The 1870 tonnes heavy shell resteds on the steel structure. In that way the stell shell will pass the quayside of the lock. The lock was only 18 metres width.
STS MARINE CONSULT acted as Tow Master and prepared towing manuals for Pihl / Zublin JV Söderströmstunneln HB until all elements were moored safely alongside in Stockholm.


Passage of Södertälje lock


Multicat Inge J passing the lock


Multicat Inge J disconnect towing gear


Arrival to the lock


Stearing tug in the lock


Passing the lock bridge by use of wires and shore whinches