List of services

Authorities, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) clubs, ship-owners, entrepreneurs frequently rely on Mr. Steffen Schultz to assist with projects that require expertise and skills. On a consultancy basis Steffen offers his specialist knowledge from his many years in the tug and salvage business. Mr. Schultz has built up a good reputation in the salvage industry with an impressive reference list of successful salvage projects and has acted as consultant and project manager for a wide range of marine projects worldwide.

In charge of more than 100 salvage operations worldwide.

  • Shipowners Casualty Representative
  • Survey and underwater projects
  • Assistance with all shipping-related documents, Towing Manuals, charter of vessels etc.
  • Support with all kinds of marine related projects, Great Belt Bridge, Oresund Link, Stockholm Metro, Fehmarnbelt Link
  • Marine operations for Wind farms and Floating Power Plant, wind and wave in one
  • Assistance to shipyards in towing in and outs by use of up to six large tugs
  • Senior Instructor in ship handling, FORCE Technology, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
  • Assisting P&I and H&M Clubs with independent survey
  • Independant Cargo and Marine Survey
  • Cable supervisor work
  • Emergency towing simulator training for the German and the Swedish Coast Guard


Steffen Schultz
Captain, Salvage Consultant SCR

Independent Cargo and Marine Surveyor

24/7 Service

+45 21 72 80 40